NB. At present, due to delivery restrictions we only deliver to Northern Ireland and Co. Donegal

Irish Black Butter

Available in 225g jars.

Here are some general ideas for Irish Black Butter which we have enjoyed.

1. Add to breakfast porridge.
2. Add one spoonful Irish Black Butter to three or four good sized spoonfuls of a Greek yoghurt. Optional whether to stir.
3. Have with a nice vanilla ice cream. Again optional whether to stir in or use as a sauce.
4. Serve on the side with apple pie.
5. Spread on pancakes.
6. Glaze chicken drumsticks, ribs, chops, pork loin or roast ham.
7. Have with bacon and sausages. Sausages stirred around in some Irish Black Butter goes very nicely.
8. Use as a dip for crisps.
9. Marinade meats. Also great for BBQ – sticky ribs, wings, sausages
10. Add to recipes.



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